About us

We focus on product-oriented companies in enterprise software, frontier technology, life sciences and consumer 4.0 themes. With a team of over 30 people based in Beijing, we strive to be the first institutional investor in startups driven by technology innovation.








Years together

Investment thesis

We believe China Internet opportunities are saturating while enterprise and technology innovations will drive the next stage of economic growth.

We pioneered fintech, enterprise software and frontier technology investing thesis in China, since as early as 2012. Brewed in the mobile Internet era, yet we fought through a different technology investing path, as a beta alternative to our fellow peers in Internet business model innovation.

We are essentially a group of sector specialists who really understand local market dynamics so that we could spot trends early. We have also adopted a unique organizational architecture to support our way of vertical investing and portfolio management.

What do we look for

Strong founders

Leadership is a rare but must-have talent to all entrepreneurs

We proactively seek out technical founders with a prove track record of leadership success. China is still in the process of nurturing its first generation of tech entrepreneurship but most of its early success has not been able to supply sufficient management talents to startups. We expect founders to become CEOs.

Cross-disciplinary innovations

Fred Moll M.D. invented surgical robotics in 1995

Many innovations today are no longer the result of linear technology evolution but from a complex combination of multi-disciplinary progress. Nearly all questions we are trying to answer today were asked decades ago., e.g., the term "AI" was coined at a workshop at Dartmouth College back in 1956.

Significant impact on industries

Disruptive technologies that could change the world

Almost every industry is worth reimagining with what we are capable of today. Internet would not have reached 5 billion people without the fast adoption of mobile phone. Imagine ARPANET on October 29, 1969; Mobile would not have reached 7 billion people without iOS and Android. Imagine John Mitchell and Martin Cooper from Motorola on April 3, 1973. Now we have robotaxis and CRISPR / Cas9 gene editting tools: reimagine everything.

Our office


Suite 401, Tower 2, China Central Place
79 Jianguo Road, Beijing 100025 China